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Launch NH is building the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support NH startups.

Launch NH is building the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support NH startups. We are using all that New Hampshire has to offer from a high quality lifestyle to the natural beauty to the lack of a broad-base tax in order to attract and retain entrepreneurs. Launch NH works with founders through all stages of their journey to connect them with our strategic partners to maximize their success.

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Jamie has spent the first part of his career in the real estate industry, growing and starting a number of different companies. His most recent project, the founding of HRKNSScowork, led him to experience the intersection of real estate and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Jamie wanted to use this platform to continue to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in his home state.

Jamie Simchik



Michael is an owner and operator of commercial real estate, developing 100 Market in Portsmouth and Capital Commons in Concord. Over the years, he has invested in many founders as they scaled their business. As a longtime New Hampshire resident and business owner, Michael is excited to get other investors excited in supporting the next generation of startups from the state.

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Michael Simchik


Terry is a serial entrepreneur who has raised over $150+ million to-date and had a number of successful exits. His most recent startup, Wagz, a leading pet lifestyle company, was recently acquired by a publicly traded company. A life-long resident and knowing firsthand the challenges that confront scaling companies, Terry enjoys leveraging his experience to help future New Hampshire founders.

Terry Anderton



Andrew has been instrumental in growing companies of various sizes through his marketing and operational expertise. Through his experience growing a collaborative coworking community at HRKNSScowork, it has motivated him to help the next generation of founders. Born and raised in NH, as well as a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, he is excited to share all the wonderful resources his state has to offer.


Andrew D'Amour 

Program Manager


Ian Shapiro is an innovative finance leader known for turning ideas into solutions through advising senior leaders, aligning key stakeholders, and managing large-scale consulting engagements. His most recent projects have been across a number of industries, successfully working with clients to solve their toughest organizational challenges. While not originally from New Hampshire, Ian has been attracted by the supportive business climate and investment opportunities.

Ian Shapiro


Softeq Venture Studio + Launch NH

Launch NH leverages the Softeq Venture Studio platform to back qualified startups from within and outside New Hampshire. This marks the first expansion of the Softeq Venture Studio into a new state, and both parties believe that New Hampshire has all the ingredients needed while being an underserved market.

  • 12 investments earmarked for startups from New Hampshire and New England

  • 5M commitment from local investors out of the total 40M Softeq Venture Fund

  • Co-hosted in Houston and Concord, NH at HRKNSS

  • Full Venture Studio program PLUS additional local resources in New Hampshire

Softeq was built from the ground up to specialize in new product development and R&D, tackling the most difficult problems in the tech sphere. Now we've expanded to offer early-stage innovation and ideation plus digital transformation business consulting. Our superpower is to deliver all of this under one roof on a global scale. So let's get started and build a better future together.

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